Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun with deliveries.

Birthday time, no it's not mine yet someone else's; anyway as a late addition I ordered something off Amazon Friday afternoon and added the Special Express Delivery so as to get it Saturday morning before 1pm

I did this for two reasons, firstly it's too big to fit through the letterbox and also needs a signature so I can schedule being at home and secondly I needed it for Sunday.

1pm came and went, I checked the order and it left Milton Keynes at 7am that morning... well the bridge is closed that might mean a diversion I'll hang on. Nothing, not a thing. Went out Sunday (to do some stuff I couldn't do Saturday and then for the birthday) came back to nothing. I've just checked this morning and hey look it's back out for delivery from Milton Keynes at 6am this morning oh and they tried to delivery it at 9am this morning and have me listed as "not at home" gee there's a surprise.

I bet they found the bridge closed and just decided they couldn't deliver it - great. Not as bad as some eh Invisible, but still annoying.

One miffed email to Amazon and I await their response.

One miffed call to the delivery company "Oh yes you were expecting it Saturday, the driver couldn't make it on time; very sorry" oh and no they can't get the driver to drop it off this afternoon it's now scheduled for delivery tomorrow sometime between morning and night.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I especially like the guy who drove his van up to our house, filled out a card, posted it through the letter box, and got half way down the driveway before my mum rushed out after him with cries of "What the hell? We're not 'out', we're sitting right here next to the door! We just watched you post the ****ing note! Try ringing next time! Idiot…"

I do wonder if there are "delivery" companies who just send out a guy with a stack of notes to post through doors, without ever attempting to deliver the item. That, presumably, would be illegal…

FlipC said...

Perhaps filling out the card is quicker then delivering the package?

Deliver 75% of the parcels and just randomly fill out cards for the others and you can get your round done quicker or if they're like Royal Mail get your round done at all.

As you suggest just drive around and stick the cards through the door asking you to call at the depot, probably wouldn't be illegal if that's the business you advertise...

Oo how eco-friendly; get Dan on his bike to do the rounds and then have everyone come to us. Sure overall they're all driving around so pollution might be up, but it'll look good from the company perspective just counter staff, and bikers.

Might annoy some customers in Glasgow being told their package is in London waiting to be picked up though :-)