Friday, October 05, 2007

Millfields meeting

I said I would so here it is - forward notice of the next Millfields Estate/Mitton Park meeting. As before at the Wilden Village Hall at 7pm on Friday 12th October. Leaflets have gone out hopefully to everyone.

On the agenda they have an update from Cllr Millis who hopefully has heard back from the planning enforcement team, and perhaps will have a copy of the plans and terms to which the estate should have been built.

Apparently some small work has been carried out in that a soft asphalt temporary surfacing has been put down in a stretch from the main road to the corner and the gaps between pavement and kerbs filled with the same stuff; depending on the weather I'll give it a month before it falls apart. On the down-side it appears this surface is retaining soil and providing a foothold for weeds; shouldn't get too much of a foothold on the roads, but the pavements might get a fringe.


Anonymous said...


I live in Millfields and have no mention of a children's playground on my deeds.

Can you elaborate please? where was this destined to be? - won't it just become a new place for drunken youths on a Friday night?


FlipC said...

One of the things to remember is that the land was parcelled out to different builders, so what may appear in one set of deeds for one plot may differ from another's.

The play area is specifically mentioned on the agenda so will be brought up at the meeting.