Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going over my stats

It's always fun (and I suppose useful) to go over the keywords used to find this site, the biggest star this month is of course "Stourport" used in variation connotations with bridge, carnival, roads, etc. ; which is fine as that's what most of this blog is about (If you've found this page with those tags use the "Stourport" label on the right).

A couple of the adverts I've mentioned appear with links to Philippa Forrester nothing kinky, unless you count "philippa forrester gmtv feet" which I'm hoping is some report she did. On the other hand I did get a "hannah spearritt primeval underwear" which refers to the show and not her choice in undergarments.

Most amusing was "fiona phillips tanzania patronising" either I'm not the only one who thought this or someone was using patronising in its sense of sponsor in which case go here

Someone was looking for the differences in waiting, parking, and loading which is here leading to more official links

Some more esoteric hits have been about Ian Wright's kerfuffle with the parking attendant, Stourport Forward's Liz Durnell keeps cropping up, for contact info click here obviously a popular girl; and I'm obviously not the only one to wonder what processed with alkali means on the Lindt chocolate bars.

All in all that's 205 visits this month from keywords. Biggest actual site referrer was Orphi with 30.

I'll leave with what I guess is a random referral from Mr Eugenides which just goes to show it's worth looking through the logs from time-to-time.


Anonymous said...

My bots are working… muhuhuhuhuhuh!

Er, I mean, nice blog.