Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sony and the PS3 shafting Europe take two

So the talk is that they'll be discontinuing the 60Gb model, what isn't being said is whether they'll introduce an 80Gb model with b/c instead. As there's already talk about adding the 40Gb -b/c to the US it would make sense to add an 80Gb+b/c to Europe if only to keep the lines consistent. Then again it is Sony we're talking about here.

So with the possible impending loss of b/c, and the fact my PS2 is starting to wheeze, what can I get in a 60Gb model? Essentially for £349.99 I get the console and a choice of two of the following games

Resistance Fall of Man
Formula One CE
Heavenly Sword
Ridge Racer 7
Genji Days of the Blade

except for Comet who are only offering the 40Gb model, and Woolworths, Argos, HMV and Virgin who aren't offering any games at all. To be precise this is what they're (not) offering on-line.

Anyway that's three racing games, a genre I dislike, and only one recent game.

Kudos to Gamestation who, as well as a choice of two from above, are also chucking in Fantastic Four and Spiderman 3 on Blu-ray.

Boos go to Sony themselves for offering the standard 60Gb + 2 game bundle for £425. Yep the same price it started at.

So next I'll use my feet and see what I can wangle in-store.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your Gamestation++ comment. I have always thought of them as a bit pricey: often their second-hand games are more expensive than mint copies of the same game elsewhere on the high street. But when I was shopping around for my DS Lite, they offered the best deal: the DS Lite on its own for £100, any game bundled with it for an extra £20, and a second game bundled with it for another £20. Most other places were selling the Lite bundled with a game of their choice for £140.

FlipC said...

They do good bundles and aren't adverse to negotiation. As for the second-hand games being expensive, it does have the side-effect that they still have something the other stores have long since sold.