Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ghost Rider Extended Cut DVD

As I was lent a copy of the extended edition on DVD.

"astonishing special effects" it boasts on its front cover and that by itself should give you fair warning. The best quote they could find about the movie to print up on the front of the DVD package isn't about the film it's about the special effects. Turn over and it gets worse "the character is an uncompromising badass" again not about the film but one tiny aspect of it.

The film itself is based on the Marvel character the Ghost Rider that we're told in the intro is essentially the bounty hunter for the devil bringing in those souls with whom a deal has been struck. One such deal involves a young Johnny Blaze motorcycle stuntmen; as you might expect the deal doesn't turn out quite as expected.

Flash forward some years and the devil's son and some elemental angels are looking for a contract for souls that a previous Ghost Rider thought to powerful to hand in to the Devil and thus hid, cue the man himself 'activating' Johnny to go bring in the wayward troublemakers.

To be blunt that's about it. The older Johnny is played by Nicholas Cage who's an actor who always gives me the impression of being awoken at 2am after a late night and asked to give a lecture on the 'Ramifications of quantum uncertainty in an inflationary universe' bemused, befuddled, and in urgent need of a cup of coffee. His love interest (cos there's got to be one) is played by Eva Mendes' breasts; I'm sure the rest of the actress was present, but that's not something either her wardrobe or the camera is particularly interested in. The bad guys are played by actors who don't get an above title credit nor, it appears, a below title one either.

This film is every comic book stereotype dreamt up by someone who's never read one in the last twenty years the plot is shallow and predictable, you don't really care about any of the characters they're simply 2D puppets walking through their lines, oh but at least the special effects are "astonishing", well kinda gotta love that bike at least.


Anonymous said...

To the makers of Ghost Rider: I think the expression here is "you just got pwned".

FlipC said...

There's now a link to a photo of the bike at the end of my entry, click it and come back.

Congratulations you've just seen the best bit of the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

Ever watch Rein of Fire? The trailer for that looked really awesome, but actually the film turned out to be really bad. As in, I found the mint-condition DVD on sale for £2.50 in a second-hand shop. And when I got it home, I somehow felt the price could have been lower. Really. It sucked.

FlipC said...

That was the one with dragons wasn't it. I have seen it I recall the waking of the dragon down the tunnel... and that's about it. No wait wasn't there also the standard 'hey look it's the Yanks come to save the day by shooting at things' sub-plot? Damn it's all coming back to me now ewwww, oh gods, it burns, it burns.

You now owe me some serious therapy money m'laddo.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I thought that film was entertaining if for only one feature. The British are holed up in a huge castle with all the amenities and infrastructure you could possibly want, yet still look like news footage of refugees, with greasy faces and matted hair. The Americans are nomads, short on fuel and space, all trapped together in their convoy, but manage to look like a "we washed one twin in Snibbo" picture.

In fact, I went to see that in the cinema with a friend, and that's about the only thing I remember of the film. Instead of watching it in the cinema, we could have chosen to watch an illegal, pirated copy. The picture might have been small and the sound tinny, but at least we could have talked over it :->

FlipC said...

Ha yes. We've no potable water, no food; thank the gods we've still got lipstick, hair gel, and five different varieties of toothpaste.