Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The quest for a PS3

Just a quick update on looking around for a 60Gb PS3. HMV has it listed as unavailable, Comet has got one as a "Web Exclusive" with Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword only, Virgin is still bereft of games; but the big surprise is Argos.

I've just been handed an Argos "This week's top deals" leaflet saved from the bin by someone who spotted the PS3 on the front and knew I was looking at it. £349.99 plus three games. Yee ha maybe. Hmm same games as before sans Genji so three of them are racers... looks like RFoM and HS then with one I don't want. Think I'll still see what Gamestation will do on Saturday. They can keep the games plus movies in return for Oblivion and Ratchet and Clank.. except that's not out until 9th Nov. Um The Orange Box, damn 26th Oct; Jericho...26th; The Darkness ah I believe in a thing called love, that'll do nicely.