Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does

For those who've been reading you'll know of my little take on the traffic light distribution and how it was ballsed up, you may recall me mentioning the single yellow lines in Bridge Street and how I was sure nobody would be stupid enough to park on the only lane open, well they haven't - hah surprised you. Instead we get four cars parking next to the, now, only open lane in York Street; right next to the traffic light. A hassle for cars in that they have to angle around them from left to right and then back to left to turn into High Street, damn difficult for buses especially ones who've just stopped (or attempted to what with the signs in the way) at the bus-stop directly opposite.

Not to worry the parking attendants are supposed to start on Monday <sigh>

[update 4/10 I spoke to soon, just passed a car parked 90/10 pavement/road opposite the works in Bridge Street]

Traffic has been... sporadic, I've been lucky in being near the front of the streams but lucking behind I've watched it creep over the lights and blow that timing sequence to tatters. The test for movement behind you is how many vehicles pass you in lanes 1 and 2 of Vale Road when you're stuck in 3 and I counted about one per minute which is pitiful.

Gilgal is a big a pain as always, but now more so - two narrow lanes plus one wide vehicle stuck in the queue equals another unmoving lane.

The main Worcester Road lights have also missed the two turnings one into Thomas Vale and one into OGL; which are in-between the lights, can't see them and therefore are not subject to them. I watched twice cars pulling out only to find vehicles heading straight towards them. They were all turning to my direction of travel and could see us waiting so in reality they're being daft, but still a balls up.

Oh and I heard that traffic mid-morning had piled up back to the tip on the main drag, which it only normally does in cases of excess traffic pouring in due to blockages elsewhere.