Monday, December 07, 2009

Stour Bridge closure

Jim pointed me to a notice in last week's Shuttle I'd missed regarding a temporary road closure. Thanking the ability to look at the digital version I examined it in more detail.

What did I tell you? What did I say? Yep they're shutting down the Stour Bridge from 14th January for around 5 days for resurfacing. Bravo! F***ing bravo!

Oh no we couldn't have resurfaced it any other time, let's say while alternate lanes were shut during all the f***ing work they've just done on the water and electric. Oh no that'd be too f***ing simple. No they want to shut it down the second week that most people come back after the holiday period.

It was closed, they were ahead of schedule, why not do the work then? Because nobody connected the dots (well except me) oh sure have the electrical work and the water work done at the same time, but hey why not resurface the road afterwards seeing as it's already closed and someone's just dug it up.

Seriously who's running this show Daffy Duck? I despair.