Friday, December 04, 2009

Severn Trent Water The joy continues 2

To recap - meters were changed and not identified. One of our properties was confused with another and a bill issued which we paid. Meters now sorted and identified. Meter for actual unit no longer exists so is cancelled.

At this point it went wrong. The final bill for the unit was based on the read for the other unit and their usage, rather than for the empty property. The joke being the starting Actual Read was higher than the Actual Read taken when the meters were sorted.

Since then we've had a notice of an unpaid bill and each time I phone them up (the same person I have a direct number now that's how bad it is) and tell them to stop it. Each time they acknowledge that I'm right and each time they tell me it will be sorted.

And each time around three weeks later we receive exactly the same thing and the circle continues. Now if this were you know £30 bill or something I'd have just bloody paid it by now; it's not it's around £2,000 yeah kinda not going to pay that just to shut them up.

Oh and yes we've just had one yet again. This time I tried the billing department in an attempt to attack on two fronts. They've acknowledged that looking at things it's "complicated" and referred me back to the same person I've been talking to each time. Joy.