Friday, December 11, 2009

My Egg Card

Still no card yet, but did have a Sales Receipt from Currys dated the 7th for something I hadn't ordered being delivered to somewhere else other than to me.

Egg now have the details and I've phoned Currys to stop the delivery (if I'm in time) and to obviously cancel (if possible).

Wow the girl was a bit slow. She tried to cancel the order, tapped away and said "Right".
"So did they get delivered"
"Yeah I can put you through to the courier if you like"
"Damn, um no I was just trying to stop you from getting your goods nicked. Okay is there a reference I can take for the cancelled order when I talk to mt credit card company?"
"Um I haven't been able to cancel it because it's been delivered"
"Um what number are you using"
"[number] why"
"Well there are two different addresses on here..."
"Well yes mine and one that isn't mine"
"Yours is [address]?"
"Yes and the other has nothing to do with me"
"Oh? Cos there are two mobile numbers here. Just hold one second... Right I've added that address to the stop list."
"Those mobile phone numbers do either start 07[nnn]?"
"Then neither are mine, you might want to add those to your list too"
"Yeah I'll do that"

Then back to Egg via a direct number and a quick confirmation chat with them.

Anyway at least procedures are in place. Everything billed this month is being written off, anything being sent from Currys to that address or with those mobile numbers will get investigated and said address has been passed on to the police who might pay it a visit.

Probably turn out to be a vacated property that someone's broken into for the sole purpose of using it as a drop-off point; but you never know.

One good point is that all transactions were online, so that's just my card number and security code and not my PIN; also means my fears over having not spotted a dodgy reader are allayed.