Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Letter to the Shuttle

Yet more roadworks

With Stourport returning to normal after the disruption caused by the work around Gilgal it's good to see that the powers that be have decided to inflict yet more pain for us in the same area. For those who missed the announcement it seems that the Stour Bridge will be closed for a week in the new year for resurfacing. Now while I have called for and agree that this area requires the work to be done some questions present themselves.

Firstly why could this work have not been carried out while the road was both partially closed and already dug-up, particularly as the existing works were ahead of schedule?

Secondly why isn't this work being carried out at a time when there will less disruption to the traffic network instead of at a point when most will have returned to work or school and settled back into routine?

Thirdly weren't we told that the work that has just been finished had to be carried out at that time and not later due to the problems with weather etc. Does that not apply to the proposed work?

As I say I agree that the work needs to be done, but someone needs to be more on the ball when it comes to scheduling.

Name Supplied, Stourport

[name address]

[Update 11/12 -  A reply from Clive Joyce with a reason why they're chosen not to publish my letter. They've checked out what's happening and apparently the work will take half-a-day and not be closed during that time. I think a longer entry needs to cover this]