Friday, December 18, 2009

Finished Assassin's Creed

Yes at last I've finished Assassin's Creed for the PS3 and once again the game decides to throw me for a loop near the end. As I'd mentioned the informer missions had turned into both timed and stealth kills and now with the last target in my sights I find I can't kill them the same way I have all the others.

Oh no simple sneak and stab this, you have to wear them down by fighting, then the assassination scene automatically cuts in. As it takes time to switch from sword to blade I'd knock down my target, switch to knife to finish the job and find they'd got back up ready to block me, or worse hit me while I was unable to defend myself. Only after I gave up and just kept hitting them did I find that was the key.

The last 'target' was surrounded by guards and even leading them away kept a contingent with them, heading up to the rooftops to allow for some knock off and insta-kills was a problem due to all the archers, but I accomplished the task after three attempts.

Then a 'new' target presented themselves and oh look you can't jump there you have to ride through the Kingdom. Into a railroaded section no choice as to direction just keep going. No chance for stealth, no chance to blend, just charge into the guards and take on 10 plus at a time; Agent 47 and Leon would be so disappointed. Then the main target and nice to hear King Richard with a French accent. Oh I can't kill the main target yet we've a trial by combat. At which point the target sends his guards out, so much for honour.

Kill them, then onto the main target without my health being replenished; the cheat! So I run around until my health comes back up and kill him in the same way as before wearing him down. Hurray I've finished; no wait there's one last target.

Onto the BigBoss, yet more guards to defeat and hey this guy can teleport. At least it only takes one hit to have him vanish and after much running around he's dead too. Is that it? Looks like it, I get the shiny doodad, am kicked out of the Animus, start seeing writing on the walls and floor; and roll credits.

Hey look it's Kristen Bell as Lucy; skip credits. Skip... credits, oh no skip. I could end the game, but I know a lot of games have an end scene so I have to wait, and wait, and wait. Ah at last back in my room examining the walls and that's it.

I suppose I could get back into the Animus and finish off the collectable hunt, but I think I'll start the sequel instead now I'm in the flow of things.