Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stupid pedestrians

So there I am trying to get into the right-hand lane of Vale Road from High Street and as usual the lane is queued from Gilgal all the way back down.

Now sure according to those that argue that every driver should behave 'correctly' I should move into my lane (the left one) then switch to the middle before someone should let me in to the rightmost lane. Yeah as if that's going to happen.

Being piratical I do what everyone does - move to the right as far as I can and wait; indicating what I'm trying to do of course. A stream of cars come up from Mitton Street and I can't get out to join the maybe two spots at the end of the queue I could fit into.

Then the traffic lightens up and I swiftly move to join the end of the queue. However I'm not the only one waiting for the traffic to subside. I pull out and over just as two women decide this is the perfect opportunity to cross all three lanes at once and step out in front of me.

Idiots, simply idiots. They were standing there waiting to cross the road and three yards to their left was a splitter triangle with drop kerbs specifically set-up to allow them to cross one lane at a time twice; but no.  I mean I can almost sympathise with those coming from the car-park and trying to cross the bridge next to Lidl; it's a dumb set-up, but to try that next to a crossing point?

Luckily for them I could move around them, but they didn't even bother looking contrite, just slightly surprised that this car that had been sitting at the junction indicating to move into 'their' lane decided to do so at the same time as they.