Monday, July 27, 2009

York Street pothole

It seems I spoke too soon, this very minute they're repairing it and have coned off the stretch of road opposite to stop cars parking there.... oh I crack myself up at times. What they've actually done is replaced the little square of orangeness with a big rectangle of orangeness blocking off access to some of the disabled parking bays. As I drove past an Initial van had double-parked on the left-hand side before it and a delivery van had parked on the right-hand side after it.

Oh and presumably the people in charge of this road furniture aren't in charge of the end of High Street's stuff as that's all still there.

[Update 28/7 - Saw it last night without any traffic around; it's a work of art. No seriously I could transplant it to a Modern Art exhibit and call it something ironic such as 'Men Working'. The barriers form a tight-knit rectangle with the cones trailing off from the outside corners to the pavement at equal angles forming a symmetrical trapezium and just for good measure a neat line of cones along the outer edge of the barrier. Almost a shame it'll get messed up when they actually start working there]

[Additional - and just for fun the business opposite is having some work done and has scaffolding out closing the pavement]