Monday, July 27, 2009

The saga of Liz Jones

The Daily Quail does a delightful little spoof on the latest outpourings from The Daily Mail's Liz Jones. For those fortunate enough not to have encountered her writings before she seems to make a habit of pointing out how terrible everything is, or at least how terrible everything appears to be from her five-star hotel's balcony just before she rushes off to another important power-meeting or rare-oil massage.

Seriously you don't need to even rewrite her stuff to spoof it.

Just because I had riding lessons didn't mean my family had any money. I was always mortified that the only proper 'kit' I owned was a pair of second-hand cord jodhpurs and a velvet hard hat that was so precious I kept it enveloped in plastic all week.
How terrible for you only being able to afford riding lessons.
We walked over to her. Lizzie immediately put her head straight up, like a llama, and galloped towards us. It was as if she had been waiting for me. She nuzzled my trousers, and I gave her the organic M&S carrot batons I had brought with me.
'Because I've been abroad and seen llamas in real life' note also the casual (hah) mention of the carrots, oh no these aren't ordinary carrots these are M&S organic carrots... for the horse.
We think she has been beaten up by a man, mistreated and then tossed aside because they couldn't handle her,' said the woman.
Dear little gods subtext much?
I think of the words a psychic healer had once said to me.