Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gilgal Roadworks - 2

It appears the plans to essentially shut-down Stourport from the end of August until the middle of September have attracted some negative criticism gee I can't think why.

Gosh could it be that said works would take place at the same time as the carnival is being held during the busiest trading season? Nah.

Anyway as a compromise they're being pushed back to the middle of September. Here however are two interesting quotes

"I still don’t see why the works can’t be carried out in January or February, when the town is quiet."

and the answer

"Carrying out these works at this time of year, rather than in winter, enables the contractor to work longer each day, due to the hours of daylight available, and the potential for bad weather delaying the project [...] There is also a danger that delaying the works might lead to even more disruption and inconvenience if people, or traders, were left without power during the dark and cold winter period or if the water mains burst before the new main had been laid"

So the work is so "essential" that not doing it could lead to power failures and burst pipes and that doing it now not only limits that possibility, but allows a lower chance of disruption because of rain and allows the workcrew to work longer hours. I feel a sneeze coming on... Ah ah bulls****.

Point 1: If the work is so essential why wasn't it done when Gilgal was re-surfaced, has it deteriorated that much?

Point 2: This is England the difference in weather between August/September and January/February is a little more rain and a bit colder which could easily apply to either period. I'd also like to point out these amazing new contraptions called 'awnings'. You can take on of these 'awnings' and use it to cover a site you're working on in order to keep out the nasty weather.

Point 3: The workers start at x o'clock and finish at y o'clock regardless of the time of year unless someone's paying them overtime.

and finally

Point 4: They're having to keep the road open for both emergency vehicles and "access to land" so they can't dig up the entire lot in one go so why can't one lane be left open with a speed restriction placed on it?

I suppose I'll have to ask in the comments.

[Additional - I'd also like to applaud the Shuttle for making this a page 3 item in the dead tree edition with a whopping great "'Ghost town' roadworks are delayed" headline rather than burying it on page 18 or such]