Friday, July 24, 2009

At last a water meter read.

Huzzah we've finally matched water meters to buildings. As a recap the problem arose when a certain contractor changed all the meters over, we got charged for our unit (call it Unit 1) and we should have been charged for an empty property (Unit 3), however Unit 2's meter was assigned to Unit 3's and Unit 2 was estimated against the meter that was taken out.

So we got our bill and the bill that should have gone to Unit 2. After someone came down and turned off the stopcocks the issue was resolved except it left the question of the whereabouts of the meter for Unit 3.

So we get a bill for our Unit 1 and a bill for unit 3 which is a meter read... hang on you don't know where the meter is. Nope they were still trying to charge us for Unit 2; now just for s&g we get a new bill with a different meter number on it with an estimated usage, except they're using the start meter read from Unit 2 which as mentioned is a completely different unit.

So they've come down once more, tested the meters we know exist and checked a stopcock that turns out to definitely feed to Unit 4 and doesn't feed Unit 3 (with the plumbing you never know) and they spy another cover that seems to feed Unit 5.

They turn it off and Unit 3's water stops but Unit 5's doesn't, now this could have been fun if it turned out that they'd been charging Unit 5 on this meter but luckily after phoning it in it turns out that the meter "isn't listed". So it's got to be Unit 3's.

At the same time I get a reading from the meter. Now the original bill was a meter read that wasn't for us started at 5 and was read at 161. The new meter they tried to 'con' us with of course started at 161 and had an estimated end read of 591! The current read on the meter - 91; yeah my thoughts exactly.