Friday, July 17, 2009

Real UK Citizens Test

Just something I knocked together yes sorry it's Flash


Uponnothing said...

I still failed! Only got 70%.

Where were the questions on Eastenders or other rubbish soaps?

FlipC said...

They were going to be part of questions 11-20; anyway expect Nick to be around shortly so better find your coat :-P

OOC which three did you get wrong?

Anonymous said...

I got 100% - now official your typical stereotypical Brit.

Shame the weather's a bit off though.

FlipC said...

Okay now try the full 24 question version

Orphi said...

Last time I checked, making Flash objects requires some absurdly expensive authoring software. So how…?

FlipC said...

I have the power! Nah it's specific Flash outputting software designed to create multiple choice quizzes. The freebie is pretty basic in that you can't change the point scores or the pretty template, but it does for something quick and easy.

Besides check out Ajax Animator to do things the hard way.

Anyway more importantly what was you score on this or the full 24 question version?