Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Check your assumptions

Just had to get a meter read from one of recently vacated units. Yes the previous tenant gave them a final read, but the electricity firm has decided to estimate the use since then - should be easy on their part no occupants, no use, means no units used - hah yeah as if; as you're probably aware these lot hold a ranking in my book lower even that held by career politicians.

So I pull up nearby, deal with the gate, and look at the door. It's a standard L-shaped handle on the right with a keyhole beneath and a stronger coded entry latch above it. I turn the key and feel the bolt being pulled out; I enter the combination and turn both the L-shaped and the entry's tap-like handle and the door stays shut.

Did I get the code wrong? I try again to the same result. Am I sure the key part is open? I reinsert the key and turn it clockwise and feel the bolt fit into the door frame I turn it back and feel the bolt being pulled out. So that's okay.

I try the tap handle again without the code and it refuses to budge from it's upright pointed position. So I stop. I can go next door and ask if they know what I'm doing wrong, I can just walk away. Instead I stop and look at exactly what I'm doing and what I haven't done and it clicks.

I tap in the coded entry and turn the latch clockwise and the door smoothly opens.


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