Friday, July 17, 2009

Playstation GamerTag

As Dan spotted I'd added on an advertisement for Sony to my blog in the form of a GamerTag except I should call it a Portable ID hah yeah as if.

This is something new from Sony and as such isn't quite up to speed yet. It only comes in one size (wide) and clicking on it rather than taking you to my profile takes you to a registration page.

A small fiddle around means I've shrunk it enough to fit into the sidebar and linked it to the main image so as to be legible. Hopefully Sony will introduce a short form ID and allow a link from it to my public profile.

I picked the infamous InFamous theme from those on offer which mildly tickles my humour and I've set my favourite game to BioShock being the only one from the drop-down list I actually owned (they've slowly added some more in since). Current mood is "wierd" [or "weird" even, sigh my typo] which of the choices on offer is probably the one I'll have to update the least.

So if you've got a Playstation 3 there's my tag send an invite and use me as a target in Killzone2.