Friday, July 17, 2009

Good customer service

Again just to prove my sole goal in life is not to moan at things; herein lies an example of good customer service. The internet connection went down [runs in little circles waving arms in air]. So I started through the standard tests and noted that the 'train' was still active that is the phone line hadn't gone down, nor had the ADSL equipment. The router just couldn't locate the gateway; a closer look turned up a problem with the LCP (Link Control Protocol) which sadly doesn't narrow it down as to which end is at fault.

So I contacted our ISP and someone picked up the line - first good point not a menu not a "Your call is important to us, but not so important we'll hire more staff to answer it".

I explained the problem, she took some details and started to pass me to another department; a brief moment and she came back to tell me they were having problems with the main gateway in my area that they were working on it now so it should be back up soon, if it wasn't call them back. Second good point - instead of passing me through to the tech support to tell me this and waste their time, she passed me the message meaning she also has this information and can pass this on to other callers without bothering tech again.

I had some stuff to do out of office so I nipped out between the showers and sorted it out and came back to a happy glowing Internet connection - yay.

I then get a call from the same lady at our ISP to let me know that everything should be working now and to check we were okay. Oh and no I didn't give them the phone number they must have logged it automatically.

Total Telecom Ltd I salute you.