Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Platinum Bioshock

Happy dance when I polished off the final level in Bioshock and watched the trophies pop up -

Brass Balls
A Man Chooses
I Chose the Impossible
Platinum Trophy

Oh yeah... then just for fun I started a New Game Plus just to see what it'd be like to play with all my plasmids and tonics already available oh and to be a bar steward and harvest all the Little Sisters instead of rescuing them.

You don't get all your stuff back straight away until you hit the Medical Pavilion and get to a gene bank which makes the first encounter as tough as ever, but you do get the Plasmids that you would otherwise collect after that point in their upgraded forms (if you'd bought them that is)

While not as tense and difficult once you're a walking arsenal of death it is kind of fun to turn the tables on a group of Splicers who previously would have had you running around screaming for a health station as they smashed your head in with wrenches. Ah Naplam - scientific wonder ;-)