Friday, July 31, 2009

Foreigners 'taking' our organs.

A statement released today by the Real British Fascist Society highlights yet more perfidy on the part of Johnny Foreigner. 'Not only are they taking our homes, our jobs, and our women it seems they also want our organs' was the bold statement. 'Even now swarthy, hook-nosed, greasy foreigners with their thick lips and slanty eyes may be tripping over their robes to disembowel you with their strange curvy knives while you sleep at night' it continued. 'Recognising the innate superiority of the white race their voodoo hocus-pocus religions have led them to believe that they can become more like us by slowly replacing their under-evolved organs with our advanced ones'.

'It's what we've been saying all along' claimed a spokesperson. 'And frankly this government's response is pitiful. We won't rest until every decent white person in this country has the right to string-up any foreigner that even looks at them funny. It's important that the message is made clear - British organs in British people.' He then added ' Unless you've got a really hot foreign maid in which case you should be able to put your British organ wherever you like.'


Anonymous said...

just to let you know, there is a actually a real 'british fascist society', and knowing them they may hold you to libel.

FlipC said...

You make up a name you think no-one would use and look someone beats you to it with a real organisation. I've amended the article thank you; I just hope they don't split :-P