Friday, September 10, 2010

Vista and missing thumbnails

For reasons to complex to get into DaBoss has created a single file in which to store all his photos about 3000 in all; of course he wants to go through and remove the crap; except Vista doesn't seem to want to display all the thumbnails in a folder view.

I used Disk Cleanup and removed the thumb databases to force them to rebuild, yet still it would conk out after cataloguing around 900.

I then opened up Windows Gallery, navigated to the folder and watched as it created them all. Went back to the folder itself and there they all were.

So it seems that Windows Gallery forces the creation of thumbnails whereas the folder view doesn't? Oh well done Microsoft.


Orphi said...

More like “we didn't think anybody would be crazy enough to put 3,000 files into the same folder”. But still, you have to wonder why exactly that's a problem…

FlipC said...

Especially when the Gallery is quite happy to go through them all and you'd think that the process it uses is the same one the folder uses.

Then again this is Microsoft we're talking about. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to discover they use two totally different methods to generate thumbnails simply because department A wasn't talking to department B.