Tuesday, September 07, 2010

HD fun with the PS3

Bear in mind that the HDMI inputs for my TV are set to "Auto" this means they appear on the input list only if something is plugged in to it.

I fished out the analogue connection for my PS3, plugged it in and turned on the input and got a picture- yay! All my data was there - double yay! I head through to the settings and set it back up to HD. It tries to display the test and I flick to the #1 input. No picture. I flick back and the screen returns to standard output. I try again. Nope. Oh crap don't tell me the HDMI is fried.

I turn the console off and on and the TV. Try again- nothing. I remove the cable from #1 and plug it into #3 it appears and I switch to it - picture. WTF? Oh great is #1 input on my TV screwed? I remove the blu-ray input from #2 and plug it into #1 then turn the player on - picture. I plug the PS3 into #2 - picture.

So the PS3 works with #2 and #3 but not #1 while my blu-ray player happily works with #1 and #2. Yeah I'm going to go with the cable input here. I'll try swapping the ends over and if that doesn't work switching the cables entirely.

Anyway the internet connection works, and oh look it wants a bloody update. Yeah that worked. So now all that's left is troubleshooting this damn connection and testing it with an actual game.