Monday, September 13, 2010

Parking charges - an interesting omission.

Once again I have to turn to the e-edition of the Shuttle as they still don't put the council public notices as standalone items on their website. This is a pain as it's flash based and therefore not searchable.

On page 77 of the 9/9/10 issue we get the list of parking charges and their changes for Oct 10 and Jan 11 (because of the VAT increase). Anyone care to guess which car-park doesn't appear on this list? The currently free ones. Presumably that's because the charges have yet to be agreed and therefore cannot be raised.

So the full result is increasing the prices of the existing pay and display car parks and removing some (all) of the free ones. All in the name of being fair, equitable, and consistent.


Unknown said...

and after the cabinet tonight. it appears that Broadwaters car park has been omitted for some reason. When this was raised in a meeting by an ICHC cllr, there was apparently no reasonable explanation. another not fair, eq......

You ever heard of the Pied report flip? is it still available. few yrs old now. stourport regeneration document.

FlipC said...

I've seen most of the regeneration programmes (mostly centred on Kidderminster) this one doesn't ring any bells, do you have a link?