Monday, September 06, 2010

GMTV nope it's Daybreak

So long Good Morning TeleVision hello Daybreak.

I'll start with the new studio - it's bigger and for no apparent reason. The previous studio was a semi-circle - sofa in the centre with the news desk on one side and the weather board on the other (they swapped over a few times). Now we have a huge oval with the sofa at one pointy end, the weather board opposite, the news desk to the left (facing the sofa) and the sports desk on the right. There seems to be no reason why it's so large or even why there's a sports desk other than it allows the two presenters to lean on it to talk about sport.

In terms of content we now get our Five a Day that is the top five stories presented in a carousel picture format and little sweeps at the bottom telling us which story is coming up next. I'm not even sure what the point of the presenters are any more.

At 7am we had the defectors Adrian and Christina VO'ing the Five a Day, then they mention a tennis story and turn to the Sports Reporter who was sitting on the opposite sofa, he gives a one-sentence reply.

Back to A&C and a mention of entertainment, they turn to Kate who is sitting next to Sports Reporter for a one-sentence reply.

Back to A&C who mention the weather; cue weather girl sitting next to them and a one-sentence reply before we return to A&C who introduce a video report.

Report over and we return to A&C who turn to the women who did it, who gives a one-sentence reply before we return to A&C who hand us over to the News Desk.

It's like the news for ADD or "Memento" sufferers.

Got to love the weather board though. They've left it curved so the presenter stands close to talk to us, then has to move away from us to point at the board, then back closer again, then away. I hope they've put some durable carpet in that spot.

Oh and purple while fabulous as a colour-scheme does not work well with strong light and skin-tones; unless the goal really was to make everything look like a B-grade sci-fi movie.

Well it's the first one, so I'll make allowances for that, but as it stands Ave! Television novo, similis television seneci!