Monday, September 13, 2010

The other um woman?

"Where have you been?" demanded Sainsbury's when I got back home.
"Um, out" I replied trying to hide the shopping bags behind me
"You've been out shopping haven't you?" she shrieked as she spotted the bags hidden behind my legs. "And with my own bags too"
"Ecological" I muttered in defence
"Who was it? Was it that trollop Tesco?" she spat at me
"No, no of course not you know I don't feel comfortable around her" I replied quickly
"So who was it then. Oh I know it was Morrisons wasn't it; just because she's younger than I am. That's it isn't it?"
"Easier access" I mumble
"Oh yes that's all you men think about it isn't it - easier access" she said in disdain and then burst into tears "But I thought you were loyal to me?"
"I, you know not exclusive" I stammer
"Just because she's younger than me" she wailed
"No of course not besides she doesn't wear it as well as you; too much frippery"
"Really?" she asked as the sobbing subsided a little
"Really, and she makes you charge and, and she smells like fish when you first meet her" I charged on
"She does doesn't she, but do you think she's prettier than me?" she pleaded
"No, no she's not as pretty as you" I reply in all honesty
"But why? Why did you go to her?"
"I don't know. I can't explain it sometimes, sometimes you just have to have a change"
"So, so can we still be together?"
"I don't know, I really don't know."

So yeah Morrison's or Sainsbury's? I mean I could just two-time them both; but it's so stupid that it actually feels wrong to do that. Seriously misplaced monogamy trait rearing up there :-)


walkerno5 said...

I do like the "market street" concept at Morrisons, but find the aisles too narrow. Also, the market street thing falls down because of the duplication - there is some cheese over by the deli counter, and the rest right over the other side of the store.

It's Sainsburys for me.

FlipC said...

Though at least Morrisons don't have pillars covering up the aisles, they use those wire baskets instead. But yes I did find that I was having more difficulty in manoeuvring around people.

I don't recall cheese at the other end of the store, there was the deli counter with cheese and a barrow behind with yet more cheese. Which is where I found the Drunken Goat cheese - very nice.

What annoyed me was that half the dips were on this barrow and another half at the far end of the store both sets at 3 for a £1.

They don't do Paprika Pringles but they do the Wholegrain ones at half the price of Sainsbury's though. Also i've noted their Blu-ray offerings are cheaper as is some of their alcohol.

The problem is it's not really practical to visit one of the stores, make a note of the prices of all the things you want, then head to the other store, pick up all the cheaper items; then head back to the first store to pick up the remainder.

Which is what they count on.

I'm still torn... though the till operators at Sainsbury's are more attractive :-P

Rob O'Shea said...

It has to be Sainsburys, the vibe is so much nicer (and they've just given millions to the Arts).

Orphi said...

…the hell?! o_O