Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another plague of locusts

So with the police force alluding to increased crime if their budget is cut and as WalkerNo5 stated our own local police force coming out with the 'fact' that with budget cuts they wouldn't be able to police the unions demonstrating against cuts; it's now time for our Armed Services to get into the action.

Yep cutting our military budget would compromise operations particularly in Afghanistan. Tcch how unoriginal. We can't cut our military because of France. They're at the borders right now waiting to invade the second the budget is cut; them and the Spanish divvying up the South while the Nordic countries rape and pillage their way in the North.

See that's original - I'm expected some crackpot to pop up and state we can't cut the military budget because if we do the terrorists win... or perhaps that excuse has been reserved for our Military Intelligence services?