Thursday, September 30, 2010

BBC Shop

The reply to the BBC reminded me to check the price for "The Onedin Line" as a gift. Amazon have series 1 & 2 at £10.93 and £28.99 respectively, but nothing beyond with the only full set being a Dutch import. Same for Play. So go to the source the BBC shop and a search for "the onedin line" returns only one result - the second series at £27.99; what makes this odd and noteworthy is that on this page under "Best Sellers" is "The Onedin Line: Complete Series 1 (DVD) for £29.99.

So they only have series 2 except for the fact they also have series 1. So how can I discover if they have 4-9?

Turns out they won't. The BBC only released the first two in the UK with the second apparently edited. So I need the BBC 1st series the ABC for the 2nd and the Dutch 3-5. As for 6-8 who knows. What a rational industry television is.