Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lion Hill lane closure

I noted it yesterday and it was still up today a part closure of the left-hand land of Lion Hill where Severn Trent Water appear to have dug up the pavement.

As you might expect - no it doesn't appear on the Weekly Roadwork report, nor the Lane Closure or Road Closure reports. If it's still up tomorrow I suppose a call is in order. Again it may seem petty, but they're not allowed to just dig up the public highway without informing the local authority beyond emergencies; and even then they should let them know.


Steve Severn said...

Wife just got back from hairdressers. Rumour of daytime closure of Gilgal in October. Heard anything?

FlipC said...

Nothing listed in the forward planning report, but that's only updated quarterly. A lot more appears in the weekly report, but that only appears, well, weekly.

If it's a lane closure and this far in advance it should show up in either the road or lane closure reports (Sep/Oct) and all that appears is the drainage cleaning that should have happened yesterday.

Other than that just the general rumours that something is happening fueled perhaps by all those markings in Mitton Street.

Steve Severn said...

Ok mate. May be nothing. Its amazing how these rumours start. Could be something as simple as someone doing a google search for something and getting news results, but not realising it was for 2009. Thats about when they did it last year I think. Doesn't time fly!