Monday, September 13, 2010

Is it spam?

A sudden flurry of comments all emanating from "Driving Piano Lessons Nelson" when the first two came in with simple "thanks for your post" and "thanks for sharing" I placed them in the new Spam section of Blogger. However although their are more all centred around the Petrol entries some of them actually seem as if the entry has been read.

For example on Petrol prices where I discuss the dynamic between the three petrol station that were on Vale Road one comment reads

These scenarios only work if all 3 petrol stations are content with the money thaey are making, otherwise 1 of them would be willing to cut sales.
Now that makes sense within context. So are they spam? I don't want to remove genuine comments, but with so many from the same source and so many of the "thanks" type. I'm unsure. Any thoughts?


walkerno5 said...

It sounds like a comment I read on one of the related shuttle letters.

FlipC said...

As a vector it's more likely from me to the Shuttle than the other way around.

Hmm I'll leave the ones I've marked in the spam folder, but won't add the others for the time being. If I get a ton more along the same lines I'll review them again.