Thursday, September 09, 2010

Vale Road petition

The battle of Vale Road continues with Neville Farmer starting up an online petition to change the council's mind. I want to sign it I really do (and still might) but the wording annoys me.

We, the undersigned, request Wyre Forest District Council to reverse its decision to impose parking charges on users of the Vale Road car park, to respect the wishes of Thomas Vale and family and maintain a free parking space for the benefit of residents, worshippers and visitors to Stourport and agree so in writing for perpetuity.
Which is all good and laudable except we have no evidence beyond hearsay and rumour that such an agreement ever existed.


Unknown said...

Jean makes a very good point in her call, saying that Thomas Vale[T.V.] sold or gave many plots to many organisations in stourport. This one was as the rumours and supposed myths suggest, for the mitton residents to park.

It should also be remembered that T.V. along with other early and prominent merchants & businessmen are actually the forebears of the british welfare system, building social housing, schools and other amenities for this town whilst the industrial revolution continued to oppress most other workers across the country.

I also found out last night that it was T.V. who built Stourport's Masonic lodge for no cost to the masons and either bought or donated the plot of land it still stands on.