Monday, January 31, 2011

Slow puncture

I noted the other day a rumbling noise from my car; as a first precaution I checked my tyre pressure and found my offside rear fairly low. I pumped it up and left it. The next day someone mentioned that same tyre was now flat. Again I pumped it up and contacted the garage I use.

Free tyre puncture repair - excellent. Can't be done until Monday - not excellent.

Anyway I tried not to drive and kept it pumped up I was losing about 2psi an hour so liveable.

Took it in this morning - an hour later and it turns out the puncture is in the sidewall so it can't be repaired. They can get a tyre in by this afternoon.

Not naming names, but this is a dealer in the same make of car as mine and they don't have any tyres?

"Would I be wanting to take the car away now?" I was asked
"Well I've little choice, how much is it going to cost"
"About £80 parts and labour"
[cough] My father mentioned at the weekend it cost him less than that for two tyres and I know that my type of tyre costs around £20-30. I let them order it and try someone who'll come to me and replace it - for much less. I call the garage back up and cancel my order.

So as a plug to them that's Herbie's Mobile Tyres based in Bromsgrove on 07949 262526 - they'll come to you and fix/repair them at a price that's likely to be lower than a garage.

[Update - all done took about 15 minutes and I ended up with a tyre with a slightly better speed rating (not that my car would reach either)]