Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tesco roundup

Just to try and keep track of all the planning

06/5079/INV 12/12/06 - 36 Documents (5 drawings, 27 supporting documents)
07/1105/EIA 31/10/07 - 71 Documents (24 drawings, 40 supporting documents)
08/1053/EIA 01/12/08 - 56 Documents (19 drawings, 33 supporting documents)

And now two more

10/0229/RESE 30/09/10. This states it follows from 08/1053 and comprises the Decision notice, 3 drawings and 1 supporting document. This deals with the landscaping of the area.

However we also have 10/0590/RESE 26/11/10 which states it follows from 07/1105 and contains 22 documents (16 drawings, 2 supporting documents). This deals with the "Layout, Scale, Appearance and Landscaping".

So are they following the 07 plans or the 08 plans?

Anyway taking the meatier of the two 0590 and looking at my notes from the previous examination I did I see they're still with Saunders who have some new graphics software - oo pastel fills. Other than that some minor changes in walling and in the roofline - still slanty, but with an in-filled roof. The entrance is unchanged from 08 other than the sketch now making it a zebra crossing and explicitly existing. All in all just a smarter tidied up version of the 08 plan, which as this is supposed to follow on from the 07 version makes one wonder what's going on?