Wednesday, January 12, 2011

McAfee problems

I owe Skype an apology; it wasn't them it was definitely McAfee that was causing the computer to go down an infinite loop. This time I managed to Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to task manager then to services then turn them off and finally log on and off again. With no problem.

I only turned them back on again as the settings were still in force and without them running no other computer could see me on the network. This time I turned the settings off then the services and all seems well.

When everything becomes more settled I think it'll get removed from the system all together.


Steve Severn said...

Just a word on McAfee. My virus scan subscription runs out next week. They have been constantly reminding me for months now. 40% off, 15% off etc, if I renew early. Finally got round to it before Xmas, but noticed their "Total Protection" package was only £10 more expensive, so got that and downloaded onto old desktop and old laptop, both running XP. Laptop immediately had slow internet and kept crashing, really buggered it. Had to reboot to factory settings and spend a day updating everything. Desktop not so bad, but not right. Reloaded just the "Virus Scan Plus" on both, as that subscription was still valid. Everything fine now. Cost £80 to cover 5 computers for a year for "Total Protection" so had a web chat with Mc Afee on got my money back. Also gave me my 1 years "Virus Scan Plus" renewel for half price, so did achieve something! Made me wonder, as they didn't even argue when I had told them what had happened. Must be desperate for business. Thanks for the comment on my "Crossley Retail Park" rant in The Shuttle by the way. It was not a good day!

FlipC said...

Yes mine ran out and kept bugging me too; no options to stop it from doing so. I turned off most of it but left the firewall in place. Now I've turned that off too.

As for Crossley - what a mess. It should never have been allowed to go through in that state. It's a menace to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.