Friday, January 28, 2011

The Russian airport bomber

What can I say

Bombing the terminal you can hit all the people who would have been on the plane, plus those who would be on other planes, plus ground staff you wouldn't normally touch; and as terminals comprise only a small number (compared to planes) the risks of you being in a bombed terminal are that much greater.

That was back in 2007. 35 dead and over a hundred injured; one could argue that it's not as bad as an explosion in an aircraft where death may not be caused by the initial explosion, but by the crash itself. However it does put into context all the added restrictions that exist for boarding passengers.

So are security restrictions going to be put in place before you even enter a terminal? As I said that just pushes the problem one step back to outside the terminal. Essentially there's a risk anywhere a large number people of gather and that includes the mass formed by queuing up to get through the security restrictions.

Unfortunately, as I've discussed many a time, as a species we can't just accept the random; we therefore insist that a) something should have been done to stop this and b) that something now needs to be done to prevent further occurrences. The result is the crack-down knee-jerk from governments especially those who already tend towards totalitarian systems.

'Removal of liberties? But this is what you demanded from us' - the sheep demanding to be herded into a more secure shed and branded for their own safety. It's only when they realise they can't get out of the shed; that the branding just makes it easier for the farmer to pick out the tastiest of them do they start to complain; by which time it's too late.

Do I have the answers? No I don't all I ask is that rather than taking instant action of the 'Look we're doing something' type somebody stops to think about it first.