Monday, January 24, 2011


A minor argument with my father which I detail to demonstrate my foibles rather than his. The subject I'll deal with in my next entry and is immaterial to this.

It started just before Sunday lunch I read aloud something from the newspaper and pointed out their mistake and why it was a mistake.

My father pointed out I was wrong in a sentence that started "Originally..." then got the order of the facts wrong. He paused. I told him he was wrong and was about to relate the reality when he interrupted me stating he hadn't finished.

He then repeated his exact first sentence again and stopped. I pointed again he was wrong and once more started to point out why. He again accused me of interrupting him.

He then once again repeated his first sentence and stopped. This time I managed to hold my tongue as he repeated the remark I had made on my initial reading of the newspaper article. He then stopped and looked at me. I took this as my cue and began - "Originally..." then related the original point then moved onto his point which came second and then remixed his end.

His response - "Oh hey look it's [name] on TV"

Anyway why couldn't I stop myself the second time around from 'interrupting' because unless his next sentence was going to be 'Except of course what I've just said is wrong' I saw no purpose in him continuing. To me it's as if the correct turn was on the right and he started to turn left with him complaining that I'm trying to stop him. It's my foible and I do it with others, I just find it hard to not interrupt when presented with an initial wrong premise.