Friday, January 07, 2011

Fruit ah-hah. Innocent smoothies advert

Innocent smoothies - so is it that soundtrack; is it the cheesy special effects complete with sticks and wires; the hammy acting, or is it having the Brian 'we're not worthy' Blessed providing the outro?

Whatever it is I can't not watch this without a big grin on my face.

Applause, applause, applause.


walkerno5 said...

Watching it in freeze frame (or as close as sky will let me), the awesome just increases - the headlines on the newspapers, the flock of sheep in the shape of Britain (maybe that's just me)and the cake shop at the end is called "Luthor's Cakes". Now that is pure premium advert.

FlipC said...

Well I caught the headlines, but I'll watch out for the rest thanks for the heads-up.

Unknown said...

I did not get the humor, maybe it's because I am a Yank. Next time I'll watch it with sound as the TV was on and the family asked me to mute the PC.

FlipC said...

Yes the sound is kind of important on this one :-)

What worried me were the comments on YouTube asking what the song was! Damnit they should be showing "Flash Gordon" in schools as part of a well-balanced cultural education