Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The taking of DNA 123

A snippet in the Independent regarding the Bristol murder; allegedly a Labour MP from the area has called for every man in Bristol to have a DNA sample taken.

How will this be organised - don't know
What will be done with the results after testing - don't know

This is just the sort of knee-jerk reaction we don't want from politicians. Hey why stop at Bristol; why not every man in the UK; why just men; why just UK citizens, get every visitor to have a swab taken too? I mean we can trust the government, the police, and military intelligence not to misuse this information can't we?

All this stored in a database means catching these criminals; I mean it's not as if DNA traces can be picked up anywhere - hardly as if we shed hair in public places onto seats etc. that may be transferred accidentally. It's not as if with this 'evidence' available the police would focus to all exclusion on that and rather than focus on who committed a crime instead on how the person they 'know' did it managed to do it.

It's hardly as if some future government in collusion with business would sell this information to any who declared they had need of it or send it to our allies abroad.

No I can foresee no problems at all with taking this tack.