Monday, January 24, 2011

Sly Cooper Trilogy

vI picked up the PS3 HD remakes of the PS2 originals of the Sly Cooper trilogy. I say pick up, but mean had delivered as I have not seen this in any physical store. It seems these remakes can be a bit of mixed bag. The God of War double was fun, The Prince of Persia failed to deliver. With Sly Cooper so far so good.

Straight HD remakes as far as I can tell including some of the odd visual bugs and game stoppers that were present in the originals. I've played through 1 and am in the middle of 2 and have noticed only one non-HD bit - pre-rendered cutscenes in 2 when you circle in to your headquarters to receive the next mission set. It lasts about 4 seconds so no big deal; certainly nothing like the heavy use of non upscaled movies in PoP.

Perhaps it's just age showing, but I've also noticed some minor delay in control response. Might be the Bluetooth pad along with my new LCD TV and for the most part it's unnoticeable; but Ms Ruby's rhythm game had me grinding my teeth in frustration when I knew I had hit the button at the right time yet received a hit. The Tango in 2 seemed to have a better margin of error and I aced that.

So any good? Yes, with a couple of small reservations - 1 felt very short; and has anyone completed all the Master Thief speed trials? I think if that was a trophyable challenge they'd be a lynch mob at the doors of Sucker Punch.

Gameplay-wise it does show its age. In 1 skills have to be rotated through using L2 and R2; so you tend to stick to just the one. In 2 three skills can be mapped to L1, L2, and R2 via a menu screen; so again the option to choose on the fly is missing. For a non-multiplayer game that has no consequence on pausing a multi-wheel would have been nice.

Otherwise just as I remember it - excellent.