Tuesday, January 04, 2011

iTunes Error correction?

DaBoss has lost a good part of his music catalogue on iTunes, just like I seem to constantly do. In this case though no Tn.tmp files were created but a file labelled iTunes Library (Damaged) was there.

So what may have caused this? He's bought his kids iPods and was synching two of them up to his computer, these two not having ones of their own, and they kept disconnecting them mid-sync.

So as I've told him the music is still there, the books are still on the shelf you've just lost the catalogue. Now iTunes is a little thick in that there's no option to import a folder and skip the duplicates and the "Display Duplicates" option under File doesn't differentiate by type. That means all the AAC music that's been converted to MP3 to put on a USB stick for the car shows up as duplicates as well as all the actual duplicates I've just updated.

What a fun time going through them all.