Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daybreak hypocrisy

I caught some of the ITV morning show Daybreak today. They were discussing the football sexism row; this is roughly how the discussion went:

... making comments to [Name1] *cue video of [Name1]* after the comments made about [Name2] *cue photos of [Name2] I feel sorry for both women who have been dragged into this story by the newspapers. I mean take [Name1] *cue video* and the story in this newspaper with photos *show newspaper with photo* and of course [Name 2] *cue photos* who has withdrawn from another match...

Yes I too feel sorry for these women being dragged into this story; though in my case at least I'm not naming them and showing the same video and photos of each of them at the same time as feeling sorry for all the attention they're being given.