Monday, January 10, 2011

The Book of Revelations

Caught the end of a quiz show on ITV where the questions was "What book comes before Revelations in the Bible?". The next day I re-watched "Sherlock Holmes" where Lord Blackwood quoted from the "Book of Revelations". As the former is supposedly a factual show and the latter features two supposedly intelligent characters the responses should have been-

1) None; and
2) What are you talking about?

Because there is no "Revelations" in the Bible, there is no "Book of Revelations" it's the "Revelation of St John the Divine" that is revelation singular in a book singular. So it could be John's Book or John's Revelation, but it cannot be either Revelations or Revelation's.

Why does this seem so entrenched in the media both fictional and factual?

One might wonder why I as an avowed atheist care? Because if you're going to quote nonsense at least make it accurate nonsense. If I end up in a theological debate I will instantly tune out anything you say if you start quoting 'revelations' at me as you've demonstrated you have either not read the Bible or have little understanding of it beyond parroting others. As a result I simply won't waste any further time on you.