Friday, May 07, 2010

The General Election result

So an hour this morning of both the BBC and ITV drumming their fingers and going um. As of this minute 622 of 655 seats have declared, the current leading Party being the Conservatives with 292 seats. As they need another 34 seats for an overall majority and there are only 33 left baring any recounts we've a hung Parliament.

If the Conservatives go cap in hand to the Liberal Democrats (currently 52) they can have their majority, but that's unlikely. Trouble is that as it stands even if Labour (251) and the LibDems join forces they still need another 23 seats between them to form a majority.

So if the the Lab/LibDem can't gain those 23 seats it's the rise of the minority parties. If the Conservatives manage to pull in all 33 undeclared they only need to get one of the "others" on board to tip them over into a majority.

Gosh isn't this exciting?