Thursday, May 20, 2010

Political Compass

I've mentioned the Politcal Compass website before elsewhere, but it cropped up again on a Shuttle comment regarding the difficulty in fixing people the default left-right political line, something else I've mentioned.

I can't quite remember my score from last time I took it, but I do recall it was bottom left somewhere near the Dali Llama's supposed score. This time around it came out as -6.5x,-7.85y that is -6.5 horizontally and -7.85 vertically which is pretty much the same.

So why the post? Firstly to note the score for posterity, but secondly as I'm about to challenge all those who post regarding politics on the Shuttle to publish their scores and rather than clog up the Shuttle's website (as well as the fact they seem to have a habit of losing or removing older comments) I'll provide a point where they can be kept.

So... I post on the Shuttle as FlipC - The Mad Ranter, Stourport and my score is -6.5x -7.85y

Over to everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Walkerno5 - +1.not muchx, -5.8ishy,
centre right libertarian as I have previously been pinned as.

Still not totally convinced - I have some very authoritarian responses to crimes, and some very socially equalising principles for children... but I suppose broadly it's not a million miles away....

Orphi said...

−3.75x, −3.69y.

How typical. Even here I'm negative.

Hmm, I wonder what these numbers mean?

Don B said...

I always knew I was a wet liberal -

Economic Left/Right: -7.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.10

FlipC said...

To keep things in one place

Jon D -8.25x, -5.79y

Don B said...

Gosh! We are all a bunch of pretty left wing libertarians! I'm sure we're a bit out of step with the populous at large.