Friday, May 14, 2010

Chris Addison - Have I Got News For You

Excellent HIGNFY last night with Chris Addison on Paul Merton's team laying into journalists. I can't quite quote verbatim but the best bits:

On the coalition -
"I don't understand why journalists don't get this 'They're not the same party' well no if they were it wouldn't be a coalition"

On Clegg's 'two-timing' -
"I thought that was what negotiations were? You try to get the best deal you can"

On the journo stating that Brown should have resigned on the Friday -
"But he was constitutionally unable to do so as there was no-one ready to form a government"

Ian hit back that announcing he was going to stay until October meant he was levered out like a barnacle. Sadly Chris didn't make a response, or at least we didn't see one. My response would have been -

"So he should have resigned and then all the papers would call him selfish for scuppering a potential Lab/LibDem coalition. Creating a leadership crisis while his Party is supposed to be in negotiations with Clegg"

And these are the people who are paid to know this stuff and inform us what's going on?


Jacq said...

I couldn't agree more - I was roaring with laughter at last night's episode, largely because I agreed with every point Addison was making. He was saying exactly what I've been ranting about to my husband for the past week...

FlipC said...

It will be interesting to see if there's anything else in the Have I Got a Bit More News for You repeat on BBC2.

It was even better than last week's and Jo Brand's expression as she stated they'd filmed the Election Special so as to know the outcome. I did like Lembit too.

I also enjoyed Ian's "We don't know what's happening" imaginary headlines

Again personally when the journo complained that Chris wasn't getting on at Martin and he replied that he was just an uninformed person and Martin added "barely literate" I've have added "which is why I read the Express", but I'm nasty like that :-)