Friday, October 02, 2009

Freeview Retuning aftermath 2

Got back home on Thursday to find my box still on waiting to record Veronica Mars; wouldn't turn on, wouldn't turn off - locked. So power off and back on, through the boot-up and 5 seconds of picture followed by freeze.

Hmm this sounds familiar. Yes indeedy pulling out the aerial allowed me to access the menu, wipe the channels and re-tune them once-again and so far everything's been fine when it switched itself on last night to record Buzzcocks.

I'm guessing it was the EPG getting stuck, but just for fun I'll blame the reminder notices that were still coming up making sure I'd retuned.

Oh and yes this meant another missed VM.

[Update 5/10 - which from the "previously" of the next episode meant missing a murder, an arrest and a jail-break for which VM was arrested as an accomplice. Oh yeah that's the episode I miss. Oh and just to rub it in the spot before the episode I recorded is an 'advert' for 4OD about how I can catch-up if I miss a show, ya know except this one]


Philip Lench said...

Hi Flip.

This is nothing to do with this post but how can I contact you?

I can find nowhere on here to allow that.


FlipC said...

I don't publish my e-mail. I can be contacted via my Flickr account and the Flickr mail facility, it's a free sign-up.

Philip Lench said...

OK. I'll contact you via that then. I thought maybe you didn't go on there very much.

Be sometime later or maybe tomorrow.


FlipC said...

FlickrMail gets forwarded to my normal email address so I have no need to check directly. Though amusingly I'll be on there today uploading a few photos.