Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Someone who needs speed lessons

Travelling hopefully for the last time to Great Witley a car picked me up before Dunley. I was doing ~55mph in the 60 zone and yes he was up my arse. Dunley's a 30 so I'd slowed down and then braked when my deceleration wasn't enough. Through that and back to just under 60 and yes still on my arse. On the approach to Great Witley coming up to the S-bend I've already mentioned I see two cars following a van who are travelling slower than I. I enter the S as they leave and the idiot behind me overtakes in a roar and then has to slow down behind these three.

M397 YBV named.


Orphi said...

Some people are of the delusion that they're important or something.

Unfortunately, sticking people's number plates on a blog is unlikely to have any real effect on them. A pitty there isn't something more real that can be done…

I must admit it is quite annoying to be driving through a 60 zone following a car at 30. But usually with these things there isn't any really good place to overtake, so I end up just having to put up with it. Tailgating people doesn't help anybody.

Heh, did I tell you about the one where I was driving home one night in thick fog? I can see the streetlights and the carb, but not a whole heap else, so I'm driving along a grid road at about 40. So some twat in an expensive BMW zooms up behind me and overtakes me.

To summarise: He's overtaking me over the crest of a hill, on a bend, approaching a junction, in thick fog, in the dark. Genius!

FlipC said...

Well it makes me feel better, and if it's a local gives my many, many [cough] readers fair warning that this idiot, if behind them, may well do something stupid.

It's inappropriate speed that's the first problem. I have no objection to travelling at 50mph in a 60 on a clear day around the many twists and turns you find around here. I do object to the that speed in the same conditions on a straight piece of road.

It's like the 40-no-matter's they might as well raise a flag on their car with "I don't know how to drive" in neon thread.

As for tailgating - damn; again something I don't get. Sure I end-up catching a 40-no-matter on a 60 stretch, but I don't ride their arse I pull back, give them space (because of that metaphorical flag) and mutter imprecations under my breath.

In some cases I mean for gods' sake I'm in a queue of moving traffic I physically cannot go any faster until someone invents phasing; why do you think revving up my bumper is going to help matters? Perhaps we should issue whips so they can wind down the window and whip the car in front to go faster, maybe that'll help?

As for your experience - he was in a BMW and therefore by right of dosh was entitled to drive at a speed that his superior vehicle is capable of and you should feel honoured to taste his exhaust fumes :-P

Orphi said...

Gotta love it when people rush up to the back of a 4-mile queue revving their engine at you. I mean like, what? What the hell do you expect me to actually do?

And then on some random corner they execute a rash (and presumably illegal) overtaking manouver where they practically barge somebody else off the road to get a few feet further forward… HELLO? EARTH CALLING MORON? It's a 4-mile queue. Where the hell do you think you're going?

Unfortunately, far too many people think that just because they own a powerful sports car, the rules somehow do not apply to them.

FlipC said...

Perhaps the expectation is that you in turn should be revving up the back of the car in front and so on until the person at the front gets the idea.

Oh and it's not just the powerful sports cars, it seems to be middle-aged men in powerful cars and young men in anything.

Orphi said...

…so in summary, we need to kill all the men, and then society at large will be much better off?

This is not the first time I've come to this conclusion. Males serve no useful function in the modern world, as far as I can tell. Physical strength is no longer necessary for anything. Males are no longer necessary for reproduction. In fact, I can't think of any redeeming features males have. Females have superior intelligence, superior negotiation skills and are far less aggressive. There's just no need for males to exist anymore, and it seems clear to me that everybody would be happier without them.

Well, except for those of us who are males, obviously…

FlipC said...

That point has been made many a time; mostly by women though :-P

Technologically in theory either all-sex races could exist; strip the X from a male and a Y from another to produce a new male is the same as combining two X from two females. However females have all the correct gestating equipment which would need to be reproduced in the male. Given that such stripping has already occurred a female-female child is quite likely then we'd really be in trouble.

OMG only the religious zealots can save us!!

Orphi said...

“OMG only the religious zealots can save us!!”

I hope you all appreciate the liquid irony of this statement. ;-)

But think about it… You get a large bunch of guys together and they're all like “OK, let's kill something” or “Man, where are the girls? I need some action!” Get a bunch of girls together and it's “hey, we should make cookies!!

I know which I prefer the sound of…

Face it, guys can't be without their girls, but girls couldn't give a fig either way.

FlipC said...

Heh glad you liked that.

The main common topics for men seem to be Cars, Sports (and/or videogames), Women, and Television when it pertains to any of the first three.

For women it seems to be fashion, and gossip.

Now I have no interest in cars, of sports I have little interest except perhaps Sumo or Kabaddi and the odd bit of athletics. Women are women, but I see little point in the "cor, fit" level of discussion and there's really nothing much on television and I despise Soaps.

Fashion-wise I wear what I want, and though local gossip is welcome I see no use for celebrity gossip.

Not related to the above, I can imagine a stable all-female society; I can't imagine a stable all-male one.