Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fallout 3 PS3 add-ons

As mentioned previously a squeal could be heard when Broken Steel the add-on for Fallout 3 that raises the level-cap came out. Well now the Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt have been released and downloaded by yours truly.

Now I've been playing a bad character to get the extra trophies (oh okay and just to have fun being a bad-arse) and I'm up to level 16, but a little weak in skills as I haven't been obsessing over the skill books. As such I thought to roam around and get a bit tougher before I tackled those new areas.

Coming out the Nuka-Cola factory I headed up to the car-park, picked up a skill book and blew up a lot of cars heading back down the ramp to the car-park I spotted a door next to a Metro Post.

"Oo I don't recall seeing that before" Heading to it it wanted to take me to Bailey's Crossroads Metro. "Nope don't recall that" Essentially this is how big Fallout3 is even if you've visited every location there are still sub-locations within each area you simply might not have noticed.

Anyway a ghoul-blast later and I meet up with some Outcasts who are taking on a group of Super Mutants.

Three Super-Mutants later I head towards the building following the Outcasts and take on another two SMs then through a door and another two SMs and a Centaur - phew. Down some stairs and into the open ruins and I get taken apart by a gatling laser. Reload and try again. Same point and oh I'm being shot at by a Super Mutant Overlord, what the hell is one of those?

I take some pot-shots at it with a Plasma Rifle (50 base damage) and watch it have no effect - and I'm dead. Reload. Let's try a missile (20+150 base damage)- oo a small dent in health and I'm dead again.

Reload and time for The Big Gun. Two mini-nukes (10+1600 base damage each) later and it's down and the area slightly more irradiated than before.

Turns out to have a HP count of 1250 compared to my paltry 400; yeah armed with a Gatling Laser with 128 base damage so four shots equalled death. And just to add insult to injury I couldn't get up to the area it was stood at without some major stacking and jumping at which point I can't find the Gatling Laser it was using; damn.

So I head through and find the Outcast Outpost and am invited to take part in a simulation. Ah hell I've wandered into Operation: Anchorage by accident. Seeing as it took an effort just to get to that point I back out quickly and go and bully someone weaker than me :-)

As an aside it really makes a difference playing an evil character. Heading to the slaver settlement of Paradise Falls I wasn't going to be let in, but up popped a [Karma] option which basically said "Don't you know who the [beep] I am" which prompted a response along the lines of "Oh yeah [nervous laughter] just kidding" ah it's good to be bad.